Returning to a More Innocent Time

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In a world so concerned with its future, I find myself, so desperately, reaching back for a simpler time. I reminisce of days gone by with family and friends. Some still with me, some have moved on. I celebrate my past as well as my present. I remember Quincy of old. Kresge’s, Fanny Farmer, the Strand Theatre, Hancock Bank, Childworld and Woolworth’s. Who of us that knew this great city cannot remember the lunch counter at F.W. Woolworth’s. I can’t think of another location that better reflects the American Dream. Continue reading

A Day of Honor


The installation, “Flags for Vets”, sponsored by Cyril P. Morrisette Squadron #294, Son of the American Legion, was put in place on Fort Square Saturday morning, May 11. In all, volunteers placed 157 flags on the traffic in Fort Square honoring veterans, both living and deceased, and their families.

The project is realization of an idea Paul F. Moody, Sr., commander of the Sons of the American Legion, had after visiting the “Healing Field” in Cohasset. He felt Quincy should also have such a tribute to its veterans. Continue reading

Thanks and Acknowledgements!

Dear Reader,

I would like to take a moment and thank all those involved in helping to produce and get this issue to print. Some key players for this issue were Mike Maquire,
Meg Donegan, Cheryl Zadeh. and, of course, my business partner and general manager, Alan Frerichs.We are always looking for ideas and stories and you can contact me directly at with either. And, if you have a business or event to promote, ad design is built in to our advertising prices, which can be found at Currently, 95% of the ads appearing were adapted or created in total by Quincy’s Real Deals’ Art Department, me to be exact, though hopefully, as we grow, we’ll eventually have more designers. Please, use the ads and coupons to support local business and keep Quincy a strong and vibrant city. Go, Quincy!

Al Conant

World of Change after GRANDASIA “Secret” Exposed…

663 Hancock Street
Quincy, MA 02173

 CORRECTION: Grandasia’s phone number is 617-328-6380

In our last issue, we at Quincy Real Deals had unveiled GRANDASIA as Quincy’s best kept fashion secret in an effort to share with our readers all the amazing products and services that are offered inside Quincy’s very own bridal, prom and fashion emporium, located at the corners of Beale and Hancock Street Wollaston, that were seemingly unknown to the public because it was so deceiving from the outside looking in.  To QRD’s delight, we received many pleasant emails from our loyal readers thanking us for sharing our discovery of this “hidden gem”.  From what we gathered through the email responses, Grandasia seemed to become the HERO for helping many of our readers transform their prom shopping experience from over-stressed to over-joyed! Prior to the article, Mothers and Daughters were over-stressed from not being able to find that dream PROM gown after traveling from mall to mall, boutique after boutique in the Greater New England area.  All those stressful concerns immediately turned into joy after they paid a visit to Grandasia and found that they no longer needed to settle for less out of desperation.  If they found themselves in a store with an issue, and the issue is ‘OMG I can’t decide which one out of these ten dresses to pick because I feel so special in all of them,” then they found the ‘Hidden Gem’ in Fashion!”  In other cases, it was the excellent, prompt and reasonably priced ALTERATION services by Grandasia’s tailors and seamstresses that had saved the day for many brides and bridesmaids who had already purchased their gowns elsewhere but couldn’t find that special place to have their gowns fitted. What had really enlightened us was our readers’ upbeat attitude when describing their shopping experience at Grandasia as “fun and painless.”  As one reader had put it “Whatever your fashion dilemma, whatever your budget/size/time constraints, it seems like Grandasia can always do its magic to make things work for you, and they do it with a smile and even a few good jokes to melt the stress away!”    Continue reading

JP Fuji Group: A Fine Dining Dynasty

I would like to share a great Quincy success story. Have you heard of the JP Fuji Group? Like me , you probably know this Quincy business better as the restaurants: Fuji 1546, B Café, Shabu Restaurant, and Kama Lounge/Bistro Chi. As unique as each individual restaurant is, they all reflect the JP Fuji Group’s focus on quality and their knack for hiring a great staff.

In fact, when it comes to dining on the South Shore, the JP Fuji Group; Jimmy Liang, Peter Tse, and their partners Tony Liang, John Liang, and head chef Ming Cao have laid the foundation for what it really means to provide superior quality and diversity in dining. I can genuinely attest to that personally. Whether it’s been for a quick lunch, dinner with family and friends, or an evening of cocktails and conversation, I’ve always had great experiences when choosing one of these restaurants. Continue reading

Brigham’s Still Serving Up Smiles

Dieter & Paula Lambauer
Brigham’s Franchise Owners

I remember a miserable night back around 1985, a late season freezing rain had us soaked and cold. My buddy Jim, myself, and our dates had taken the T to go to Wollaston Theatre. We were early, so to get out of the cold we popped into Brigham’s Ice Cream for some hot chocolate. I don’t remember what movie we saw, but I do remember the warm and inviting feeling that hit me as we walked through the door. Continue reading

Abigail Adams Preschool: “A place to create, think, and play.”

Abigail Adams Preschool
Co-founder, Valerie Ricciardi

One of the best things about publishing this paper is meeting so many of the wonderful people that live and work in Quincy. Of the old friends and new acquaintances none have been more delightful than Valerie Ricciardi of Abigail Adams Preschool. If you have a little one and your thinking about preschool, I high recommend you give her a call and give the school a visit. Continue reading

The 13th Annual Reggae Beach Party

“We Be Jammin’ for MS”

Organizers: Rick Murry, Kristen Nagle Gouthro, John Connolly and
Kerrie Holyoke Doherty.

DJ Mark McGillicuddy

March 3, was the date and Quincy’s The Beachcomber was the place for the 13th Annual Charity Reggae Beach Party. Organizers; John Connolly, Rick Murry, Kerrie Holyoke Doherty and Kristen Nagle Gouthro brought together reggae performers the Conscious Band and DJ Mark McGillicuddy to entertainer party goers and help raise money to fight Multiple Sclerosis. With the help of volunteers Amanda Diauto, Lauren DiPietro,
Pammy Jacobs, Diane Lutz, Lisa Heger, Bill Berman, David Silverman and hundreds of attendees, the team was able to raise close to $12,000 for MS. Continue reading

Easter arrives early at a South Shore food pantry

Eighteen kids from all over the South Shore hold some of the 300 Easter basket that they assembled for the children of Interfaith’s food pantry clients.

On Saturday February 25th volunteers assembled over 300 Easter Baskets for the children of food pantry clients at Interfaith Social Services in Quincy, MA.

The Easter holiday is on April 8th this year, but volunteers at Interfaith Social Services are already working hard to make sure that all of the children of their food pantry clients will receive Easter Baskets in time for the holiday.
Continue reading